Dear Client!

Your order for transfer within 3 days counting from departure date can only be accepted if there is vacancy in our fleet. Contact our customer service in this case directly on +36 20 5 666 555 by phone.

You have two different alternatives to reserve your transfer:

  • It can be ordered online with the help of the format below
  • Or download our ordering papel in Word format and after filling in it please send it us by email! Download Word format >>

Here you can order your transfer from Cívis Transzfer. You may choose your departure or arrival by any direction. You must give your exact place of pick-up and arrival information. If the transportation address is in the 10 km radius of the capital of the county choosen then there is no additional charge to the nomal fare. There is an additional charge added to the original fare if outside the 10 km radius. Make sure you fill out the correct section for your travel. You may choose to travel in any direction return or just one way. Fill out the order below and then click on add passanger to the order and finally click on the total order button.

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We will calculate the check in time.

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Please give the arrival time, you will left the airport after 20-45 minutes when the plane landed.

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If the billing information is Different from the name of the Passenger, please enter your billing information in the comment.

1. The ordering procedure of the airport transfer service is as follows.

1.1 Either by downloading and filling our ordering form that can be found on our homepage and sending it to us by e-mail or by filling out our on-line ordering form. Your order request will be confirmed within 30 minutes after it has been received during our opening hours either by fax or by e-mail.

1.2 On the day before your trip the supplier will contact you by phone or by sms to notify you about the pick up time. In case you don’t receive any notification in sms or by e-mail until 7PM on the day before your trip, definitely call the following number for information: +36 (20) 5666-555.

1.3 If your requested transfer is within 3 days from the ordering we can offer you only the vacant places in one of our vehicles. In this case you have to contact our customer service to arrange availability.

2. The order can be modified 72 hours before the start of the journey, also it can be canceled by both parties 36 hours before the start of the journey. Both the modification and the cancellation are free of charge. If the cancellation takes place after this time limit, then the full price has to be paid. Modifications made less than 72 hours before the departure will be surcharged with an amount that may vary depending on the number of travelers, but a minimum of 5.000 HUF. Modifying to a time that is less than 24 hours away, can only be accepted if there is vacancy and a verbal arrangement has been made.

3. The passenger has to wait for the car at the time sent by us in a ready to go state. The driver will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes, failing to contact the passenger during this time will result that the driver has to leave without him/her. This way the responsibility for the disadvantages caused by this latency is on the passenger.

4. If the time of returning differs from the one mentioned on the original order, than it is the passenger’s duty to inform the supplier of the new arrival time. Failing to do so means that the supplier is not responsible for any damages caused in connection with the missing notification.

5. In the case of excess luggage (more than 2 items/person), or other equipment (snowboard, baby carriage, bicycle, wheelchair) we need to be informed upon booking, or until the day before your trip. The fee for the excess luggage is 2.000 HUF. Traveling with a dog is only possible, if it is below 10 Kgs in weight, and has to be placed in a kennel with a muzzle on. The supplier or the sub-contractor who is carrying out the transfer has the right to refuse the transportation of the excess luggage.

6. The prices indicated in the price-list are the costs of the transfer from the specific cities, and do not contain any discounts that can be given in some cases, from which you can inquire on our homepage in the „Discounts” section. The cost when traveling from a city that is in an other county, will be arranged with the passenger.

7. When traveling to the airport we deliver our passengers to the starting time of the check-in, but a maximum of 45 minutes shifting in the arrival time may occur. Upon arrival, for those coming with separate flights, but with landing time differences not more than 90 minutes will have to wait for each other. After 90 minutes the passenger that is arriving late will be notified by sms or by phone about our next available vehicle. The waiting time in this case can be several hour even.

8. If there are more than one address when traveling to the airport there can be a 5-10 minutes delays in the pick up times.

9. For safety reasons the driver cannot leave the vehicle, therefore waiting for a passenger inside the Terminal is only possible with a written request, and preliminary arrangement, and is subject to the circumstances (e.g.:number of people arriving). We will wait for everyone on the arrival side of the airport, on the place designated for this purpose.

10. The supplier cannot be held responsible if the service fails to be carried out in the cases when it is because of an event that is unforeseen, not controlable by any party (e.g.: change in the flight’s arrival/departure time, heavy snowing, events, delegations, or accidents). Our firm is not responsible for any lateness caused by these events, but we will do our best to avoid any lateness.

11. The supplier takes the responsibility of recompensation for any damages that is caused by the provable mistake of the company that is carrying out the transport.

12. The average time of the journey from Debrecen, Nyíregyháza and Miskolc is 2,5-3 hours. Thus we arrange the pick up time in order with this. We will notify the passengers about the journey time when traveling from an other city.

13. The passenger takes all the responsibility for the damages caused by him/her in the vehicle or any other passenger.

14. When travelling with us, the passenger is liable to be in good health, and do not have any diseases that means a higher than usual risk to the other passengers. The passengers participate in our service on their own responsibility.

15. The passenger has to accept the conditions mentioned above to participate in our service. After ordering, the passenger accepts these conditions with the receiving and signing of the confirmation documents. Handing over the confirmation is the duty and liability of the person who is taking the order.

16. Please keep in mind when paying that if the amount is not received till the day before the trip than our firm can cancel your order. The total amount of the transfer (round-trips as well as one-way) has to be payed prior to the start of the journey.

17. The transfer is done by sub-contractors. The travel contract will be between the orederer and the sub-contractor who is delivering the transfer. The agent is transmitting between the orderer and the sub-contractor. All this is accepted by the orderer upon signing this document. The supplier is liable for bringing these conditions to the sub-contractors knowledge.

18. The orderer accepts the terms and conditions of this service, and certifies this with the signature.

19. In the case when a transfer is ordered for several persons, the one who is ordering declares when signing that he/she has been authorised to make this order in their names. The orderer is also liable to inform them about the conditions of service, and is responsible for paying all the costs (including any unexpedted ones) of this transfer instead of any other member.